Hard-coded yield

While the yield for QRT is hard-coded, the value of that yield can fluctuate, because of its unique price mechanism.

Let’s take a look at an example:

At launch, 10 million QRT tokens are minted at a price of $10 USD per QRT.

With an APY of 15% in native assets, this translates to $15 million USD in ETH & USDC is allocated as rewards to holders per year.

If 90% of these tokens (or 9 million QRT) were minted by users but sold back into the open market, it means the remaining 10% of token holders will claim the entire $15 million in rewards.

In summary: The QRT token is designed to deliver rewards, irrespective of how big or small the user base is. If users begin to exit the token, the yield is distributed among a smaller group of people.

So while the QRT token price might decrease, users benefit from a substantially higher yield.

The rewards stay. Whatever the weather.

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