Why is the team not doxxed?

The team will remain anon to the public for the near future. The team will only doxx themselves to partners, audit firms, and legal entities.

We don't want to doxx publicly at the current stage of the project. There are many risks associated with doxxing whether people agree with this or not.

We know many founders and teams who've had problems due to doxxing. We want to make sure that our project is mature before we do so.

We will need to be doxxed at some point from a legal perspective, though that is not something in the plans short term. Nothing to do with the project, confidence, or legal risks at all.

If we didn't have confidence in those we'd be in some regulatory safe haven like Singapore, British Virgin Islands, or elsewhere. We wouldn't be pursuing our current path, which is to be an EU/MiCA-compliant product operating in mainland Europe.

It's up to users to assess these risks. As with anything crypto-related, it is always your responsibility to carry out due diligence and assess your appetite for risk.

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