What is QSD?

QSD is one of our flagship LSTs. It stands for Quant State Dollar, and has a dynamic price mechanism but fixed APR.

That means that part of the yield is in Ethereum or stablecoin tokens, and the other part is made up of AQTIS tokens. The ‘q’ part is a reference to the AQTIS ecosystem, and the unique quant tech that sits within it. Combined, QSD delivers a 15% annual yield to token holders.

What’s special about QSD is that each one generates a hard-coded $0.15 USD yield. More on that below.

We have broken down the 12.5% APR into two different currencies: USDC and AQTIS:

  • 12.5% APR in USDC.

  • 2.5% APR in AQTIS tokens.

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