Why is there a standardized yield?

Standardizing yield is essential for our project and it's crucial to account for drawdown periods and to implement long-term strategies, which we have already established.

If our performance exceeds the yield, it allows us to do a number of unique things to help support the ecosystem. These include:

  • Contribute to an insurance fund, ensuring we can meet the APY commitments for the upcoming year(s).

  • Enhance our treasury, ensuring long-term financial sustainability.

Our primary objective is to position ourselves as a leader in the space and have one of the strongest tokenomics in the DeFi space.

Consequently, a portion of the surplus yield will be directed towards our utility token. Given the established relationship between TVL, performance, and the AQTIS token, we stand out as one of the rare projects offering a deterministic token value.

Specifics on these subjects will be shared in the documentation. If the excess yield is so significant, we could strategize to increase the standardized yield. Though it's essential to create stability in that area, we'd prefer initially to set up an insurance fund.

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