Welcome to the official documentation for QRT, the flagship Liquid Staking Token (LST) token available inside the AQTIS ecosystem. This document will provide insights into what QRT is, how it works, and how it fits neatly inside the broader AQTIS ecosystem.

What is QRT?

QRT is one of our flagship LSTs. Quant Reserve Token, or QRT for short, is an exotic LST with a yield mechanism that dynamically reacts to market conditions to create a number of unique features not found in other LSTs. The ‘q’ part is a reference to the AQTIS ecosystem, and the unique quant tech that sits within it.

What’s special about QRT is that its yield dynamically adjusts to how popular the LST is. The result? A token with a hard-coded 15% APY in ETH and USDC plus a 2.5% bonus in AQTIS tokens, for a combined 17.5% APY.

We have broken down the 17.5% APY into three different currencies: ETH, USDC and AQTIS:

  • 7.5% in ETH

  • 7.5% in USDC

  • 2.5% APY in AQTIS tokens

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