How do I claim my rewards?

You can claim rewards using the AQTIS app. The benefit of using AQTIS is that users have a number of unique options available to them once they start generating yield:

  • Auto-claim - your rewards will be delivered to you automatically, over a time scale of your choice.

  • Auto-compound - want to keep generating rewards? Select the auto-compound option and your rewards are reinvested to create compounding rewards over time.

  • Auto-send - want to send your rewards to a different wallet? You can select that option inside the app to move your rewards to a different wallet.

Want private rewards? You can do that too. Users can opt-in for privatized reward claiming, which will be facilitated through the integration of the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL).

Find out more about that in our privacy section.

Claiming Mechanics

There are several unique options available for your yield: claiming and compounding. You have the option of withdrawing your yield whenever it becomes available. Or alternatively, you can compound the yield over time. We explain each of those in more detail below.


To claim your yield, head to the AQTIS dApp and select the option. You would typically need to pay a network fee to withdraw. Daily, this could become expensive.

As a result, AQTIS will be implementing a batch-claiming system. What does this mean? AQTIS will, once a day at a fixed time, withdraw the yield automatically and send it to the LST token holders.

Through batching these claims, we reduce the withdrawal costs by approximately 97%-99%, making it more economical for smaller holders. Let’s take a look at an example:

If we have 1,000 users claiming daily, and having to pay $30 in Ethereum gas fees, this would over time become prohibitively expensive.

1,000 users paying $30 per day, every day for a year, would mean the AQTIS community collectively spends $10.95 million in gas fees to collect yield.

With our batched-auto-claim function, AQTIS will spend around $200 in gas fees per day, which would equate to $73,000 in gas fees annually. By implementing the batch function, we will effectively be saving the AQTIS community $10.23 million each year.

The claim experience remains unchanged, but you will be paying far less in fees.

Opportunities for increased privacy

This also has the added benefit of increased privacy for you. Splitting the transaction between claiming and receiving makes it more difficult for prying eyes to monitor who is claiming a reward.

To ensure greater privacy, it is recommended to claim rewards to multiple addresses. This obfuscates the transaction completely as there is no link between the wallet used to take part in AQTIS LSTs, and the wallet that receives the rewards.

Users will be able to specify a different wallet in the dApp once it has launched.

Please note: this feature will be released after launch has been successful.

You will also have the option to opt out of the batch-claim feature, but you must pay Ethereum network fees (gas fees) to do so.


There is the option of allowing your yield to compound over time. This can be achieved by simply toggling the option inside the AQTIS dApp.

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