Securing the quant tech

QRT is 50% paired with ETH and 50% with USDC, but it isn’t pegged to either. This means that if users exit, a portion of the liquidity in the quant tech remains unbothered and continues generating yield. QRT holders can easily sell tokens without friction.

So regardless of the number of users, the liquidity generated in minting QRT keeps on being used in our quant tech. This means that it doesn’t matter how many people are holding QRT. Whether all QRT are sold, or whether it’s only 90%, or even 10% users, the users holding get the full portion of the yield. Next to QRT being minted at $10 per piece, as 50% of the liquidity of QRT is paired with ETH, token holders might enjoy 50% of ETH upside as well, pushing the QRT price beyond $10. While on the other hand, if ETH would go down in price, due to being paired with USDC, QRT price would remain more stable than ETH.

QRT has the best of both worlds.

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