Why is AQTIS sharing its strategies with the community?

We are a team of DeFi/Crypto enthusiasts who believe that sharing technology is crucial for innovation and project development.

Our contributors are all professionals. While it would have been easier to stick to our trading strategies and stay on the sidelines, we wanted to contribute more to the community and build something innovative.

Unfortunately, we have observed a lack of innovation in the space, as many projects with good ideas quit after making or raising enough funds. This has been frustrating for us to witness and invest in ourselves.

We believe that we can build something beautiful and be rewarded well for it without withholding innovation. As investors, we are building a project that we would personally invest in, and this is our dream project.

We have the necessary technology, professionalism, and desire to contribute to the space we love so much. We aim to create a win-win situation in which the entire community can benefit from what we are building. We acknowledge that the potential reward is also a factor (of course!).

Next to our personal intentions, building AQTIS, which we designed as a crypto/Web3 project, makes it possible to design intricate ecosystems with underlying economics that enhance the technology.

Tokenization is necessary to solve liquidity issues in this case. We could have easily built this project as a TradFi company, though that's not what we wanted to do.

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