dapp Layer

The dapp Layer is how users interact with the AQTIS world. It’s here that our unique feature set can help token holders choose the right LST for them.

LSTs + minting / buying/ selling

Our LSTs, or liquid staking tokens are accessed via our dapp. We’ve built simple functionality that allows you to mint, buy, sell all in one place.

Composable Yield

At AQTIS, we empower our users with the flexibility to tailor their holding strategies. We do this by leveraging the distinctive features of our Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs), each engineered with sophisticated quant technology in mind but with different features to suit your approach to crypto.

To facilitate this, we are building a unique feature inside the soon-to-be-released AQTIS dapp that will allow you to create your own LST strategy to suit your needs.

Users can create a bespoke balance within their portfolios by combining different ratios of these LSTs to align with their individual goals.

Profit Flow Management

We want LST token holders to have the option to direct their yield to multiple wallets, automatically buy BTC, ETH or other assets and send it to their respective wallets. For instance, a user could decide to send 50% of their yield in a private way to their credit card account while deciding to compound 25% of the yield and automatically buy BTC with the remaining 25%. All seamless and frictionless. This is still in the consideration phase and has not been allocated development time as of March 2024.

Private Yield Rerouting

We are building a unique feature that takes advantage of the privacy features on the Oasis network to keep your transactions hidden.

This innovative function has been meticulously crafted to provide users with the ability to toggle privacy settings on and off, according to their individual preferences and requirements.

You can find out more about how we do that here.

Fully Private LSTs

In addition to yield rerouting, we are exploring the potential of offering fully Private LST(s) on the Oasis Network. This feature ensures that the entire LST and yield mechanism operates on the Oasis Network itself, with the option to claim yield directly on Oasis or directly to Ethereum or any other chain.

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