Composable Yield

Build the strategy that works for you
At AQTIS, we empower our users with the flexibility to tailor their investment strategies. We do this by leveraging the distinctive features of our Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs), each engineered with sophisticated quant technology but with different features to suit your approach to investing.
To facilitate this, we are building a unique feature inside the soon-to-be-released AQTIS dApp that will allow you to create your own LSD strategy to suit your needs.
In this article, we explore these unique features in more detail.

Personalize your Portfolio

AQTIS has three unique LSDs, all with their own unique features. This means that any investor can select the right LSD based on their risk preferences and market outlooks.
Here is a breakdown of each LSD.

qETH - Harmonized Yield

qETH is a yield-bearing Liquid Staking Derivative or LSD for short. It has ETH in the name because it is pegged, 1:1 to native Ethereum, and the ‘q’ part is that this LSD uses AQTIS’ own quant tech to help generate its yield.
Speaking of yield, the qETH LSD has a standardized 10% APY, which comes from two assets: 7.5% APY in native Ethereum, and 2.5% APY in AQTIS tokens.
For more information on qETH please see our Gitbook Page.

QSD - Optimized Yield

Designed for those seeking stability, QSD offers a stable yield in stable assets, with a dynamic price floor mechanism.
This feature ensures a consistent USD-equivalent yield, even if the QSD's market value would decline. As it remains stable in USD, the APY versus market price of QSD increases creating a solid market dynamic for price stabilization.
For more information on QSD please see our Gitbook Page.

QRT - Maximized yield

Our flagship LSD, QRT, its yield is backed by USD and is paired with ETH, offering the dual benefit of ETH's potential growth and a robust downside protection mechanism.
Documentation for QRT will be released before the Launch in Q1. As this is our flagship LSD, we continue to refine the offering and will share information as close to launch as we can.

Optimized for You

Users can create a bespoke balance within their portfolios by combining different ratios of these LSDs to align with their individual investment goals and market views.
For those desiring full exposure to Ethereum's potential, they can choose a combination of qETH and QRT, balancing ETH's volatility with downside protection and yield enhancement.
Or if they prefer stability, QSD combined with a smaller portfolio in qETH or QRT might be preferable.

Simplified Options

Upon the launch of our dApp, we will introduce this feature, allowing for the seamless composition of these LSDs, as well as providing three pre-optimized ratio selections tailored to common investment profiles.
These options aim to simplify the decision-making process while still tapping into the unique advantages each LSD offers.
Through AQTIS's composable yield strategies, users gain access to a spectrum of investment possibilities, from stable returns to the full growth potential of Ethereum, all with the added confidence of downside protection mechanisms.
Our commitment is to provide a robust, flexible platform where investors can navigate the DeFi space with precision and ease.
Have questions? Head on over to our Discord page.

In summary

Our Composability feature is designed to let you decide which LSDs are right for you and to be able to combine them in different configurations to suit your needs.
The feature will be available in-app upon launch.
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