Q1 2024 Roadmap

Milestone 8: AQTIS DEX

The AQTIS DEX, or decentralized exchange will be a multi-chain destination for DeFi users looking for next-generation capabilities. While details are still being confirmed, the goal for the AQTIS DEX is to offer AI market-making and liquidity provider strategies across multiple chains.
Kick-off date: End of Q2/Start of Q’3

Milestone 9: AQTIS Incubation

The AQTIS incubation will see AQTIS collaborate with a layer 1 protocol to help further our mission of harnessing quant tech, DeFi, and AI into one unique ecosystem.
Kick-off date: Mid through Q’2

Milestone 10: AQTIS dApp beta testing

Ahead of its official launch, the AQTIS dApp will go through extensive testing to ensure it allows users to use all features across different browsers and devices.
We want the AQTIS experience to be seamless, and as simple as possible. This phase will give us a chance to bug test ahead of launch.
Estimated completion date: Mid Q’1.

Milestone 11: AQTIS dApp launch

We are aiming to roll out the AQTIS dApp to all users by the end of Q1. The super simple app will allow users to swap ETH and stablecoins for AQTIS LSDs, collect and compound yield, and adjust their LSD strategy with our unique composability feature.
Estimated completion date: End of Q’1 2024
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