Introduction to AQTIS

A deep dive into the AQTIS world.
Welcome to the AQTIS GitBook. This is your go-to resource for finding out about what AQTIS is, how it works, and how we’re helping you take control of your financial future.
In the following pages, we’ll share all the different aspects of what makes AQTIS special, from the technology we use, to how we deploy our quant technology, and ultimately, how AQTIS can help you make better investment decisions.
This space will be updated and improved continuously as our mission evolves so do check in frequently for updates here, or on our Discord page.

Who is behind AQTIS?

We’re a team of investors, financial experts, technologists, and Web3 natives based in Amsterdam. We have more than 70 years of combined experience in data science, quant trading, investing, entrepreneurship, marketing, coaching, and tech development.

Why did you build AQTIS?

We’ve watched firsthand how many DeFi projects started out with huge promise, but through a combination of poor tokenomics, greed, or outright fraud, have fallen by the wayside. We felt our collective experience building quant strategies for institutional investors, our years in the crypto space, and our technical expertise, we could build something better for everyone. One of the main questions we kept coming back to was: why do only the world’s wealthiest people get access to the best financial tools? So we set about bringing the same tools found in the world’s foremost hedge funds to the world of DeFi and our degen community.

What’s the overall vision of AQTIS?

We have an ambitious goal of creating a vibrant ecosystem built on top of our revolutionary AI-backed quant technology. In phase one of our launch, we will offer a series of Liquid Staking Derivatives, or LSDs. These are yield-bearing tokens that provide you with a yield, while also being able to be traded, transferred, and used in other DeFi applications. But that’s just the beginning.
Our roadmap will see AQTIS become one of the most sophisticated DeFi protocols, as well as a hub for investor education more broadly.
We believe the more we can help investors get smarter, the better the overall DeFi ecosystem will be.

What makes AQTIS different?

Several distinct qualities make AQTIS LSDs stand out from other LSDs on the market.
  • Diversified source of yield - while the vast majority of LSDs rely on validator rewards to create yield, AQTIS uses a diversified investing strategy powered by quant tech. This helps safeguard the yield against validators acting in bad faith and also diversifies the source of yield, so it’s not reliant on one single chain.
  • Higher performance - The investment strategies developed by our quant team have created better returns than validator-based LSDs.
  • Better Utilisation - AQTIS is built for efficiency and sustainability, not size. While rival platforms may have captured huge volumes, their utilization of that volume is low. AQTIS however, has developed its LSDs to require lower TVL, but better use of the assets to increase performance.
  • Choices for different investor appetites - one LSD does not fit all. This is why we have developed three distinct assets with different portfolios and yields, to help you find the asset that works for you.
  • Private yield - AQTIS has developed the capability of delivering yield to its investors privately. By utilizing the Oasis Network, and its breakthroughs in privacy technology, your yield can be delivered to you, securely and privately. We are also developing the capability for your yield to be added directly to a credit card, giving you the freedom to spend your yield as you see fit.
  • Yield whenever, wherever - AQTIS yield LSDs are designed to be delivered to your wallet, automatically. No more manual withdrawals. Simply set the cadence for yield deposits, and the AQTIS app will do the rest.
  • Downside Protection - We have built our QRT LSD with protection in mind. While other LSDs provide no such assurances for the yield, we’ve gone the extra mile. Our exotic LSD has a number of unique features that allow the yield to be maintained whatever the weather. So if there is a large number of investors selling the token, the yield is distributed to the remaining investors.
Documentation for QRT will be released shortly.

What are LSDs?

To better understand what AQTIS LSDs are, let’s first provide more clarity on what an LSD is. An LSD (Liquid Staking Derivative) serves as a digital representation with value derived from an asset staked within a blockchain ecosystem.
This derivative token is referred to as ‘liquid’ because it can be traded, transferred, or used in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, enabling the holder to participate in other activities without having to un-stake the original assets. Unlike regular LSDs which derive yield from network validation rewards, our LSDs are powered by the AQTIS ecosystem and by Quant Technology.

In summary

AQTIS is a next-generation DeFi company built on top of our own AI-powered quantitative technology.
We are building several unique LSDs that allow investors to pick the yield that suits them.
We’re a team of investors, financial experts, technologists, and Web3 natives based in Amsterdam. We have more than 70 years of combined experience in data science, quant trading, investing, entrepreneurship, marketing, coaching, and tech development.
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