Q4 2023 Roadmap

Milestone 1: Full documentation release

The AQTIS team will release all relevant documentation for LSDs ahead of the launch in Q1 2024. It will also include additional material including:
  • AQTIS Token BuyBack Process
  • The Ecosystem Liquidity Aggregator
  • Explaining the mechanics behind AQTIS Rebasing strategy.
  • Why AQTIS is not a security
  • What is the buy-back unlock ratio
These and several other key documents will be released weekly over the next four months to help users understand in detail how AQTIS works.
Estimated completion date: The first version of the documentation will be finished by the end of November 2023. AQTIS will continue to release documents weekly beyond what is laid out here, so this completion date will be ongoing.

Milestone 2: Quant AI MVP

We are looking to have an MVP of our quant signal system ready for initial testing. This is a system that will monitor the list of assets we are currently invested in and be able to create signals indicating either breakout, trend following or mean reversion patterns are the best to employ.
The Quant Signal MVP will serve as the foundation for AQTIS’ overall strategy of harnessing quant technology and AI to deliver yield to the wider AQTIS ecosystem.
Estimated completion date: Our goal is to have this completed by the end of Q4, 2023

Milestone 3: AQTIS Quant AI/ML Enhanced

After initial testing, we aim to make refinements to the AI’s decision-making capabilities to make it more robust and able to adjust strategy in line with current market conditions.
We will be incorporating datasets from a third party, allowing us to be able to diversify capital across more strategies.
Estimated completion date: this will be ongoing work, so we don’t envision and end date per se. However, we expect the Quant AI to be fully capable in line with the app and LSD launches due at the end of Q1.

Milestone 4: Improved website UX

We are currently overhauling the content, sitemap and UX of the AQTIS.io website. This will make it easier for users to discover relevant content be it our documentation page, AQTIS Medium or our Discord community.
Our aim is to make AQTIS as easy-to-understand as possible, and the website overhaul will help contribute to this goal.
Estimated completion date: End of Q’4, 2023.

Milestone 5: dApp Front End development

Our development team continues work refining the look and feel of the dApp front-end. The goal is to have an app that is simple to use but packed with features and functionality, including our unique composability function and privacy features.
Estimated completion date: Mid Q’1 2024.

Milestone 6: dApp Back end integration

As AQTIS moves closer to launch, we will complete work on the back end and integrate it with the front end. The backend (or “server-side”) is the portion of AQTIS you don't see.
It's responsible for storing and organizing data, and ensuring everything on the client side actually works. The backend communicates with the frontend, sending and receiving information to be displayed as a web page.
Estimated completion date: Mid Q’1, 2024.

Milestone 7: Marketing campaign established

AQTIS will finalize the list of KOLs and other marketing-related activities it will conduct in the build and ultimately the launch of the AQTIS dApp. While these won’t be made public, we are preparing to engage with KOLs we believe will help raise awareness of the AQTIS ecosystem and the upcoming dApp launch.
Estimated completion date: End of Q’4, 2023.
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