Q2 2024 Roadmap

Milestone 12: dApp Privacy features testing

We will begin testing out privacy features ahead of the fully private LSD rollout.
Security is an issue for investors big and small. There are a growing number of examples of wallets that generate yield being targeted by scammers. As a blockchain’s transaction data is public, anyone can monitor any wallet.
We believe in helping investors protect their assets, and the private yield function is one of our solutions. By creating a private transaction for receiving yield, you have an extra layer of protection for your assets, helping make DeFi safer for investors. We achieve this by utilizing the Oasis blockchain’s unique privacy technology, which we will explain in more detail in the next section.
Estimated completion date: Mid Q’2 2024.

Milestone 13: Fully Private LSD rollout

The Private Yield Function is a unique feature specific to AQTIS. As your assets generate yield, we have created a unique feature that allows you to select whether you want your yield to be visible on the public blockchain, or kept private.
If you select the public option when you collect the yield on your assets, that transaction will be visible, and therefore trackable to anyone monitoring transactions.
If you select private however, your yield will be directed through the Oasis Privacy Layer, which will obfuscate the transaction, (more information on that below) ensuring no one can keep tabs on the yield generated by AQTIS products.
Estimated completion date: End of Q’2 2024.

Milestone 14: AQTIS Academy

Part of the AQTIS mission is to not only build best-in-class DeFi tools but to help educate the investor community.
We believe that by improving the knowledge and capability of investors, people are less likely to fall for scams or rely on others to make the right investment decisions for them.
AQTIS Academy is our own learning platform, powered by AQTIS tokens. Users will be able to learn about market fundamentals including (but not limited to):
  • Auction Market Theory
  • How to Understand Orderflow
  • Navigating time frames and non-time-based charts
  • The principles of price action
  • How to build your own trading charts
  • How to read and use order books
Estimated completion date: End of Q’2 2024
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